Why Choose Michaels for your Custom AV

By calling Michaels at the earliest design stages, you may rest assured that your system will be competitively priced, your products state-of-the-art, your system beautifully integrated with your home, and all controls (TV jacks, satellite wires, surround speakers, and so on) correctly and conveniently placed. This is our specialty. We work hard for our customers. It's what we love to do.

When you choose Michaels, you gain the benefit of our thirty years of experience designing and implementing custom installations, our up-to-the-minute knowledge of developments in home electronics equipment, and our life-of-the-system guarantee backed by fantastic customer service right here in Grand County.

We will cooperate with your contractor to deliver your ideal system, not just for today but for the future.

• Free On-Site Analysis
• We Match City Prices
• We Work with Your Contractor
  • Full-Service Design & Installation
• Life-of-System Guarantee
• Unsurpassed Local Service

Design For Elegance & Ease of Use

We specialize in custom design of systems where the works "disappear," removing the unsightly clutter that can accompany sophisticated equipment. Hiding all the wires is only the beginning to a beautiful, custom look.

For example, the new sound bars can be mounted on the bottom of the TV, which can be placed on the wall like a painting. We also can put the speakers in the wall, and hide all of the audio and video equipment in a cabinet or nearby closet.

If we are prewiring a new home, we can design the locations of everything in advance. And in a finished home, we can find a way to hide the wires in existing walls to achieve the same custom look.

Free On-Site Analysis

Call us to come take a look at your needs. There's no charge for this original assessment, and our installation and design services are priced at or below the competition. You won't pay more when you choose Michaels.

We Match City Prices

You won't have to drive for hours to find what you need. We carry a vast line of audio-video and electronic products, including most brands and product lines. If you haven't visited our retail store in Winter Park (in King's Crossing, next to Fontenot's), you are in for a treat.

We Work with Your Contractor

Even before moving to Grand County, Michael has been working for thirty years with contractors to design audio-video, automation, and security systems in custom homes. We specialize in creating, wiring, and installing new systems for your home.

Full-Service Design & Installation

Whether you're retrofitting or building a new home, we can work with you from needs analysis through design, wiring, and installation. We keep up on the latest technology, and help you plan for the future. And you absolutely will not end up with your satellite wire at the wrong end of the house!

Life-of-System Guarantee

Michaels Audio & Video takes care of you for the life of your system, and for components we honor all manufacturers' warrantees. If Michaels wires and installs your service and equipment, we will be able to warranty the complete job from start to finish. We will always be there for you.

Unsurpassed Local Support

The watchword of Michaels is "service." We pride ourselves on providing Grand County residents with the best customer service you can find anywhere.

King's Crossing, Winter Park, Co, 970-762-8763